New Member Info

Hello and welcome to 🔥The Sound of Dragons🔥

1. Change your Name to ‘TSOD_yourName’
2. Send your Profil Picture to our “Mother of Dragons”, Jess. She will add our Logo to your Picture and send it back to you. Add it as your Profile Picture in Smule.
3. Copy & Paste this in your Biography:

🔥Member of #TSOD🔥
🔥The Sound of Dragons🔥
🔥Founder: @TSOD_Jess8705 🔥

🎼 You want to follow all member? Just Search for “#TSOD” in Smule!
🎼 You want to have a new Profil Picture? Feel free to Text us. We will create u a new one with your new Photo.
Thank you for joining us, have fun!

Your Co-Leader Scartiana 🔥💖🔥



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