Weekly Review (16/2017)

Another week has passed and our family has grown from 15 to 22 member.

Among them..

TSOD_GREENRANGER (smule) / Mike Sleepwalker (Line)
We are happy to have him joined, you really should check him out, he is an amazing rapper and entertainer!
Or better.. JOIN HIM, if you dare.
Epic Rap Battles of History Adam vs Eve


MythRA_benT5WARs (smule) / Bennation (Line)
A great metal singer with AMAZING screams!
Be sure to check out his YouTube channel aswell:
Benn Bualog

We are aware of his smule name not including our initials.
As being in a competition he cannot change it atm.
However, we support his participation and wish him the best of luck!

To go on with amazing members (he is not new tho), you MUST check out this..
Die for your Knight
by TSOD_Anu (smule) / Khye (Line)
He fckn created that song on his own..!
Listen and ADMIRE this talent ;D

What else to say..
We are also in the beginning phase of planning some group activities..
..like a group collab.
Stay tuned and let us know by time, if you wanna participate.

Last but not least..
..here again the info, that we opened another chat room for you:


You enjoy videogames?
No matter if console, PC or even mobile gaming, THIS is the RIGHT place for your needs!
Simply ask Jess, Scartiana or Henryetha for an invite and you’ll be in.
It’s really easy as that.

That’s all.

Let the Fire burn, dragons..!


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