Weekly Review (19/2017)

So back again, everyone, hope you had some two AWESOME weeks! It’s been rather calm lately, still we are here with some Highlights:

First of all:
Last Friday our mother of Dragons (Jess) had a SPECIAL birthday, I just say.. round number ;o For those who missed the SPECIAL Birthday Song, here it is:


Thanks to Mom, Zues and Milo and the two great guest singers!
We all are family, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jess! ❤

Next point…
We’ve been replanning some stuff.

First, we have seen, the downloadable MP3 list might not be the best idea. Especially when using mobile phone, it’s a rather complicated thing, so we’ve been thinking about alternatives!

For easier access we decided to upload TSOD songs on YouTube, but going to remove the downloadable playlist.

We respect your privacy so we are announcing it here first, before uploading any of your collabs.
At the same time we kindly ask you for your permission – or rather – ask you to tell us, if you do NOT want your collabs being shared on YouTube.
Further we will inform you in form of a comment under your collab, when we include it in the TSOD YouTube channel.

And this is how one of the videos could look like:

If you record video collabs, they will be preferred of course.
Collabs without videos will get simply the song lyrics.

Still a work in progress, but ready to be followed..
The TSOD YouTube Channel:

So just keep being AMAZING dear dragon family!

See ya all in the Dragon Cave…. ;o


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